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Company AS HidroTeh Ltd. has succesfully completed works on the following objects:

-    Hydroelectric power station Avče; assembling the pumping turbine and generator
-    Hydroelectric power station Moste; assembling francis turbine and its auxiliary turbines
-    Hydroelectric power station Vrhovo; revitalization of a radial-axial bearing

General assembly:
-    Köln - Germany; maintenance works on mills, bearings and drainages
-    Udinese - Italy; general overhaul of the thermal power station

Special welding:
-    Palfinger Maribor, Slovenia

Electrical jobs and installations:
-    Switzerland - Zurich, Basel; equipping the shopping center with electrical installations and assembling the thermal power plant.
-    Kirchbach - Österreich -  AMT Montagen
-    Stockholm - Sweden; pharmacy